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Predictive FAA Obstruction Analysis


Allen Aviation Consulting Service LLC is committed to providing expert level OE/AAA (Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis) services, In Accordance With 49 U.S.C., Section 44718 and if applicable Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 77. This Code of Federal Regulation was established to protect departing, and arriving aircraft from proposed structures. A developer can avoid costly mistakes, and delays during execution of their construction project, by contracting Allen Aviation Consulting Services, to conduct a predictive Obstruction Evaluation Analysis, along with client advocacy during submittal of their construction proposals. Allen Aviation Consulting Services, will work collaboratively among your team of Architects, Engineers, and RPLS Surveyors to ensure all data is correct, and accurate. We are experts with specialized knowledge, and relationships to obtain approval on any project. 

Notice of Presumed Hazard


Have you received a Notice of Presume Hazard Determination Letter? We can help! Allen Aviation Consulting Services will advocate mitigation options on your behalf, and guarantee FAA approval of your project, or your money back. Allen Aviation Consulting services has relationships among key personal within the FAA. Our relationships, and specialized knowledge have assisted us in getting approvals for many clients nationwide. We guarantee FAA approval within 21days of filing.

We are experts at preserving impacts to the National Airspace System, while maintaining the need for economic development within our great nation.


Filing of FAA Form 7460-1


  Pain-Free Filing of FAA Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction. Allen Aviation Consulting Service will take the guest work, headache, and bureaucracy out of your FAA permit filing experience.We will also provide client advocacy until your permit is in your hand. We will advocate mitigation options  on your behalf for any Notice of Presumed Hazard Determination Letters issued by the FAA. We guarantee a FAA Determination Letter within 21days of filing. We will file your complete construction project, to include construction equipment. Your 7460-1 filing will be worry-free, and your project will run timely, and smoothly.

CRANE COMPANIES: Stop loosing customers who can't wait 45-60 days for an FAA Permit.

We'll get your FAA Permit within 21 days.

Predictive Aeronautical Obstruction Analysis

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We will predict the constraints of your project before your FAA Aeronautical Study

We will relieve the pain of filing your FAA Form 7460-1.

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